Industrial ERP

Engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the decates and looks to utilise resource optimily to bring in operational effeciency. ERP from Fraze is a very powerful tool which helps the Organisation in achieving effective utilisation of four major resources Man, Material, Machine and Money, which in turn helps them in reaching their goals.

Digital Services

Customer centric Apps & Solutions provided by Fraze, minimizes the human interaction by delivering high scalability and precise action for their needs. In Today's industry IoT, Mobile and Cloud emerged as a key technology for digital transformation. We at Fraze provide solutions on developing and implementing world class application which will help the customers to grow business value.

Staffing, Training & Consulting

We at Fraze, provide the supporting role of Staffing by scrutinizing candidates by evaluating their knowledge and skill sets. We are engaged in giving expert advice to people working in a professional field to convert the ideas into reality. We also provide training, to improve the recipient attain required level of expertise.