SCM - Enterprise Web Application for Velan Valves India


About Engagement

Velan Valves founded in 1950 and they have 13 production facilities across the globe with 1800 employees working. Their product line includes range of highly engineered severe service valves, Cast and Forged steel Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, triple-offset knife gate, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications.

With Supply Chain Management Application, Supplier will be able to input the commitment which helps Velan in getting real time update, arrange components for further action. Supplier shall also be able to upload relavant documents for their supplies.


Key Benefits

  • Supplier will be able to input the Commitment, which helps Velan India in getting real time updates.
  • Data updated by Supplier will help in arranging components for further action.
  • Commitments given by Supplier will be considered for Schedule Process, which can help the customer generate actual date of Valve making.
  • Supplier Payment data will help the Vendor in finding the Invoice accountability.
  • Supplier shall be able to export all the documents related to Component (TC, MPI, UTI, PT, RT, etc), which minimizes the effort and time.


Fraze software solutions developed an Enterprise web application and hosted in cloud which helps the customer in getting real time commitment from suppliers. Development team closely worked with Velan team to ensure their ideas are delivered on time with high quality so that suppliers and customer are benefited, thus saving efforts and time.


ASP.NET (Framework 4.5), JQuery and SQL Server