Industrial ERP


Engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the decades driven by increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production. It primarily deals with design, manufacture and operations of structure, machines or devices.

We, Fraze solutions have been partner of choice for few engineering companies to leverage technology and deliver exceptional values.

Production Engineering - With the change in customer precision, profitability and cost control, Production Engineering has grown at a faster pace.

We at Fraze help them in understanding their requirements, develop and implement ERP which will greatly help them in maintaining centralized data, Decision Support System, Time – Cost Ratio, effective utilization of resources, etc.

Valve Industry - Innovation in the valve industry in getting various types of renewable and non-renewable energy sources triggered for change in order execution, manufacturing, procurement, installation, etc.

Fraze has the expertise in analyzing change in customer need and provide them solutions through our ERP.

Foundry - Considering the impact of various pollutions, Foundry industry has reinvented with change in various process techniques. Our ERP provides those necessary data which will help the client in achieving better productivity, use right mix of raw materials & alloys, and help them in meeting their customer delivery requirements.

Fabrication - We at Fraze develop and deploy ERP for Fabrication Engineering which will help them greatly in triggering shortages of various levels of components, Material Resource Planning, stage wise status, provide Decision Support System, etc.
Advantages of our ERP

Engineering industry looks to utilize resources optimally to bring in operational efficiency. Fraze solutions have good expertise in developing, maintaining, testing and integrating critical applications.


ERP from Fraze provides easy and secured access to the ERP software through Any device, at Any time and from Anywhere. Customer will find it easier to navigate due to adoptability of ERP to Customer device. User Interface and User Design will help the user in navigating easily and Input the data very quickly.

Data Management

ERP from Fraze integrates all the functionalities and store data in a centralized database, not only text information but images in popular formats too. The system will streamline business processes and make it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data, no matter what department they’re working in.

User Experience

Fraze provides enhanced User Experience by understanding their needs, making the product simple, easy and quicker navigation, make the experience valuable and dynamic.


Encrypted credentials and authorized access to the product helps the organization in providing access to the Users based on their role. Audit trail provides better traceability of the user activity with related to sensitive data.