Digital Services


Internet of Things helps you to connect various devices and making them accessible from anywhere, at any time. Development team at Fraze delivers scalable and highly secured IoT application which is instrumental in transforming ideas into reality.


In Today’s industry, Mobility is a core component of Digital Transformation. We at Fraze provide solutions on developing and implementing world class mobile applications by considering Application performance, Scalability, Security and user experience.

We work on Native (iOS, Android) & Cross Platform (Xamarin) Mobile platforms and ensure high quality applications are delivered.

Our Mobility solutions includes
  • Enterprise Mobility consultative
  • Mobile App development
  • Testing Services
  • Integration Services


IT requirements are changing rapidly on daily basis and managing complex application through on-premise hosting resulting increased costs and lack of flexibility. To meet the challenge, currently IT organizations are moving towards cloud computing.

Fraze cloud solutions will help you to move business applications to the cloud partner. We offer below solutions as part of cloud.

  • Consultative Services
  • Migration Services
  • Operation services

Automation & Analytics

Automation and Analytics are changing the way organizations interact with their customers/end users. Innovation in digitization, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are creating performance and productivity opportunity for the business and economy.

We at Fraze developed and implemented Data Automation Solution (DAS) projects which help the client in processing their data, which benefits them in the following ways.

Reducing Errors – DAS will eliminate all manual and human errors that would otherwise cost precious time and resources to address. The system will notify mismatches, missed data and more.

Improved Communication – Employees no longer need to manually notify each other when a process is complete or moves from one role to another. It can be viewed by the relavant stake holders in their devices.

Employee Success – DAS helps in eliminating repetitive and manual processes, which motivates employees and allows them to focus on more important tasks which, in turn, can boost morale and enhance product innovation.

Visibility and Status – Management visibility and internal status reporting is made easy with the DAS.

Scalability – When mundane and manual tasks are automated, resources open up for an Organization’s ability to grow.

Real-Time Reports – Real-Time insight and reporting available to Management can improve the decision making process and help an organization learn from inefficiencies.

We at Fraze helps you in switching from legacy data systems to a more nimble and flexible architecture that can get the most of the data and analytics. Fraze Engineering ERP system solving the problems in the way data is generated, collected and organized. Also it enables faster and larger-scale evidence-based decision making, insight generation and process optimization.

Digital Design Experience

We at Fraze works closely with you to provide an enhanced user experience by understanding your needs, making the product with ease of navigation and ensure our user centric design approach is valuable and dynamic to end users.